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Audiences respond emotionally to content, yet with a vast choice of the type of entertainment to spend time and money on, there are other factors that influence interest and ticket purchases. Video content can function on many levels – create anticipation, educate, inspire, and inform your audience about the type of experience they will have. It is also a good way to invite them into what happens behind the scenes, thus allowing them to invest more interest and understanding of your work. Do this well and people will want to share with others and remember you long after the event.

Ihitai 'Avei'a - Star Navigator -'This journey will end'

This piece inspired the audience long after the event. 

This journey will end.jpg

The Marrage of Figaro

The power of 'what people thought' - Vox Pops Style


The Unruly Tourists

Capturing a moment.

The Unruly Tourists.jpg

Così fan tutte - The Rehearsal Process

Discovering the artists behind the work. 

Così fan tutte - The Rehearsal Process.jpg
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